Activate Microsoft Office 2016

How to activate your Microsoft Office 2016 install.

Activate Microsoft Office 2016 using the instructions below:

  1. From within the network drive mapped for the install, navigate to the Scripts folder
  2. Click on the file "Activate_Office_2016.bat" and drag it onto your Desktop
  3. Right-click the file you just placed on your Desktop, and click "Run as administrator"
  4. A black dialog box will appear, indicating the process has started. This box will disappear once the process has ended.


  • The network installation of Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows requires periodic license checks back to a central WPI server. Each check-in activates Office 2016 for 180 days.
  • Off-campus activation requires the VPN
  • Computer needs to have the proper date, time and time zone
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