Change your WPI password on Windows

How to change your WPI password using a Windows computer.


    When you need to change your password, you will also need to ensure that your new password is changed anywhere that you may have it saved. Common locations where passwords are saved include: email on a mobile device, Canvas app, VPN client, and Keychain on an MAC PC.

    Failure to update your password in all stored locations may trigger security lockout protocols.

  1. Log in to a computer on the ADMIN domain with your current username and password
  2. Note:

    If you are prompted to change your password upon login, skip to step 3

  3. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL on your keyboard, and then click on the Change Password option in the screen that shows up
  4. Type your current password in the Old password field
  5. Enter a new password in the New Password field. Please remember to follow WPI's Password Policy when choosing a new password
  6. Re-type your new password in the Confirm New Password field
  7. Click OK

It may take up to thirty minutes for WPI systems, including email, to allow access using your new password.

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