Connect to WPI Wireless Using Fedora

Instructions for connecting to the WPI wireless network using Fedora.


  • WPI account in good standing
  • Proper date, time, and timezone set on device
  • Fedora version 18 or greater


  1. Connect to the WPI-Open wireless network
  2. Open your web browser to
  3. Download the XpressConnect program
  4. The page will attempt to run a Java applet, but will fail. You will need to click the link on the bottom of the page which reads 'download link'.
  5. Click the link that says "Download for Linux." In the download prompt, choose the option "Open With: Archive Manager." This will download a file named 'XpressConnect-x64.tar.bz2' on 64-bit systems and 'XpressConnect-x86.tar.bz2' on 32-bit systems, then immediately open it.
  6. Open the downloaded *.tar.bz2 archive, and extract its contents to a memorable location.
  7. Once the extraction finishes, click on "Show the Files," which will open the location of the XpressConnect program.
  8. Double-click on the XpressConnect executable for your platform. This will launch the XpressConnect program, which will automatically configure your wireless connection.
  9. Reboot your device

Once all steps have been completed you should be connected to the WPI Wireless network.

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