Connect to WPI Wireless Using a Google ChromeBook

Instructions for connecting to the WPI wireless network using a Google ChromeBook.


  • WPI account in good standing
  • Proper date, time, and timezone set on device
  • An active Google Account that can login to your device
  • Note:

    If this is a brand new or recently "Powerwashed" device, you will not be able to connect to the WPI-Wireless network as a Guest. You may need to do initial provisioning before you login to your device with your Google Account. By connecting to the WPI-Open network, you should have enough Internet access to provision the device and switch to your Google Account.

    This procedure must be followed for each user on a Chromebook ; configuring WPI-Wireless on a Chromebook will enable wireless access per user. Example: configured WPI-Wireless on the Chromebook. When logs into the Chromebook, she will not have access to WPI-Wireless without following this procedure.


  1. Ensure that you are logged into your Chromebook with your Google Account
  2. Connect to the WPI-Open wireless network
  3. Open your web browser to
  4. Accept the WPI Acceptable Use Policy
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions


    In some cases, CloudPath may not properly detect your device. Please click the "Show all operating systems" and select "Chrome OS"

  6. Click on "Step 1" to download the Network File
  7. Open a new tab on your Chromebook and visit chrome://net-internals/#chromeos
  8. Under Import ONC File, click Choose File
  9. Select the downloaded WPI-Wireless.onc file and click Open
  10. To connect, select WPI-Wireless from the list of wireless networks
  11. If an error is not reported, your device is now configured for the network
  12. Reboot your device

Once all steps have been completed you should be connected to the WPI Wireless network.

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