Connect to a Network Using Eduroam

Eduroam allows visiting members of participating institutions network connectivity without obtaining additional credentials.

Who can use eduroam? Where can I use eduroam?

  • Eduroam services at WPI are available to any user of a participating institution.
  • WPI Community members may use eduroam services at participating institutions. (see Actions)

How WPI Community Members Can Use eduroam

WPI Community members who have used CloudPath to configure their WPI wireless access will have eduroam pre-configured on their device.

How Participating Institution Members Can Use eduroam at WPI

Prior to leaving your home institution, eduroam must be configured on your device in accordance with your home institution's wireless policy and account requirements.

Because WPI ITS does not have access to visiting user credential information, we are unable to assist with any user credential issues. Visiting eduroam users will need to contact their home institution for credential support.

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