Faculty Standing List Information

Overview of the various WPI faculty standing lists.


This is a discussion list for faculty.

Acceptable Use Policy

There is an AUP which describes the subjects and etiquette which are suitable for this particular list. For a member to be able to email the list, the member must use the list management page and click to accept the AUP.


This list is populated with WPI community members who have a faculty employee status code in Banner.

List members may opt out at the list management web page.

An individual who does not have a faculty employee code who wants to join the faculty mailing list should send a message to faculty-owner@wpi.edu to request to be added. This request will go to the faculty members of CITP for consideration.


Email from non-list members is moderated by some members of the faculty.


This is an announcement list in which the recipients are the tenure track, voting faculty.


Do not email a message to this list as well as a list which encompasses this group, or the voting faculty will receive two (or more) copies of the message. e.g. if you mean to email employees, do not email employees and voting-faculty, or if you mean to email faculty, do not email faculty and voting-faculty. Choose only the appropriate, non-overlapping list.

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