Faculty and Staff First Time Login

How to obtain an account as a faculty or staff member at WPI.


Computer accounts are requested by the hiring department. This should occur at least ten business days prior to the individual's start date. Forms submitted less than ten business prior to the anticipated start date days may result in accounts and access provisioned after the employee start date.

  1. The hiring supervisor or the department head of the new faculty or staff member complete and sign the IT Computer Account and Data Access Request Form
  2. The form is sent or emailed to the Human Resources Department
  3. Human Resources processes, then notifies Information Technology of the request so they can provision the account(s) and access
  4. You may contact the ITS Service Desk to inquire whether your account has been created

New Employee Technology Orientation

New Employees are encouraged to attend New Employee Technology Orientation provided by the ITS Service Desk. This is often scheduled through Human Resources or the hiring department. New Employees are also welcome to contact the ITS Service Desk to schedule orientation at the start of your employment. Orientation sessions are usually held every Monday at 10:30 AM to assist new employees with initial login and setting a password, to test all of their WPI accounts, and to provide an introduction to Information Technology Services.


New employees who are unable to attend New Employee Technology Orientation may visit the Service Desk with photo ID for assistance.

For new employees who prefer to login remotely, contact Human Resources to receive your WPI ID number and temporary PIN.

While employee accounts are generally created before initial start date, it may take up to three hours after account creation for WPI systems to recognize your profile.

Set PIN and Security Question:

  1. Open a new browser window and navigate to https://bannerweb.wpi.edu
  2. Login with your WPI ID number and PIN and click Login
  3. Choose a new PIN
  4. Set up a security question
  5. Accept the FERPA disclosure
  6. Click on Personal Information
  7. Click on Computer Account Settings, then click the link to wpi.edu/+accounts

Create a Password:

  1. Under the Window's Account Heading, click Change Password
  2. Click the Begin Account Maintenance button
  3. Select Change your Windows password before clicking Next
  4. Enter your WPI ID number and the new PIN you created
  5. Follow the prompts to set your password in accordance with WPI's Password Standard

WPI Info
What is your Affiliation with WPI?

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