LabView 2017 Install Guide

How to install LabView from WPI network to personal device


  • WPI username and password
  • Serial Number - can be obtained at \\\software\LabView\WPI_Read_Me.txt


  1. Open \\\software\LabView\2017\
  2. Copy the Windows folder to your local machine (18GB) then run Setup.exe from local machine
  3. For initial LabVIEW 2017 setup, click Next
  4. For User Information, enter your name for Full Name and WPI for Organization; click Next
  5. For Serial Number, enter Serial Number in first field for LabVIEW 2017 (Base/Full/Professional); leave other fields blank; click Next
  6. For Destination Directory use default folders listed or enter your own path; click Next
  7. For Features use default installed features or select your own options; click Next
  8. For Product Notifications choose whether or not to receive notifications/updates from National Instruments; click Next
  9. For License Agreement (National Instruments) accept the 2 license agreements, click Next
  10. For License Agreement (Microsoft) accept 2 license agreements; click Next
  11. For Disable Windows Fast Startup accept default; click Next
  12. For Start Installation click Next to begin; progress will be displayed
  13. For Install Hardware Support for LabVIEW point the to the Device drivers folder by clicking the ellipsis (...)
    • Choose the DCD-May17-1M folder, click Select
    • Driver installation progress displays as it continues
  14. For Features accept the default features or customize, click Next
  15. For Product Notifications uncheck the box to search, click Next
  16. For License Agreement choose I accept, click Next
  17. For Start Installation, click Next
  18. Device driver installation progress displays
  19. For Insert Source point the installer to the second device driver by clicking the ellipsis (...)
    • Click on the green arrow (upper right) to move to the 32 folder; for Look in: 32M should be displayed
    • Choose DCD-May17-2, click Select
  20. Device driver installation progress displays
  21. For Installation Complete click Next
  22. NI User Account is optional; enter information to create or opt out by closing window with X
  23. For LabVIEW Licensing Wizard activation codes:
    • Document your Computer ID displayed on the screen
    • Visit the web page
    • Complete the NI Product Activation using:
      • Product = LabVIEW
      • Product Version = 2017
      • Serial Number = number obtained per Requirements
      • Computer ID = ID obtained from previous screen
      • Email address = address to receive your required activation code
  24. For LabVIEW Licensing Wizard, enter the activation code received via email, click Activate
WPI Info
What is your Affiliation with WPI?

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