Information about installing and using MATLAB.

Commercial Use

The commercial use of MathWorks products is not covered by our site license. WPI Community members currently using a commercial license should continue to do so.

Use MATLAB from WPI Network

Preferred Method

  • The network version of MATLAB is available from a WPI-owned machine or access the software via Terminal Services ( and if desired.
  • The network version includes 50 toolboxes and has an unlimited number of licenses for the toolboxes. For a complete list of toolboxes please see actions.
  • Off-campus use of the network license requires use of the VPN.

Use MATLAB on a Personally-owned Machine

Standalone Version

To install the Standalone version of MATLAB on a personally owned machine follow these steps:

  1. Create a Mathworks account via the Mathworks WPI Information Portal.
  2. Within the Mathworks WPI Informational Portal follow the prompts to download and install the appropriate version for either Windows (64-bit), Mac OS X (Intel 64-bit) or Linux (64-bit).
  3. Log in with the MathWorks account which uses your WPI credentials, and activate the license.

A Note on Licensing

Active WPI community members can reactivate the license annually using their WPI credentials.

Training for Matlab and Simulink:

WPI offers training and consultation for MATLAB as well as many other scientific applications through ARCs Scientific and Engineering Software Applications (SESA) Training.

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