Mailing List Use for SMTP Clients

Configuration settings for SMTP clients for WPI Mailing List use.

Secure Mail Server

Those people who have desktop mail clients, which are not Microsoft Exchange clients, are not identified by the list processing software. If your home or work mail client sends mail via SMTP, the list software will not recognize you and will not grant you the privileges you may have. For instance, it will not recognize that you have signed the AUP of a list so it will not let you enter the discussion. Also, if you have privileges to send a business message to all recipients, it will not recognize that you were granted that right.

You may manage your list membership at

To solve this, we offer a mail server which will enable you to be identified to the list software. The server is . Please set your mail client's SMTP sending server to this address, using port 587, and TLS (which might be shown STARTLS) and set authentication via your IT login name and password. TLS enables encryption of your messages so they will be secure even if you are on a cafe network.

You very likely will not be able to set your work desktop mail to this configuration, but your personal devices can use it.

Beyond letting you use the mail lists in the intended way, this server can be used as your every-day server, letting you send email to any address.



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