Manage Multifactor Authentication

After setting up your Multi-Factor Authentication, you may need to manage your settings before traveling, changing your phone number, or switching devices.

Before Traveling Abroad

Before traveling out of country, you will need to setup the Microsoft Authenticator Application on a device that will be traveling with you. Please see the Install Microsoft Authenticator App action above to setup the application on the device. The application will allow you to authenticate your sign-in without the need for cell service or a network connection. If you do not setup the Microsoft Authenticator application before traveling, you may not be able to access your account while abroad.

Before Switching Phone Numbers or Devices

Changing Phone Numbers

If you are changing phone numbers, please go to the Setup Multifactor Authentication action and add your new number as the Alternate authentication phone. When the new number is active, please return to the Multi-Factor Authentication setup page, use your alternate number to login, and replace your old phone number with your new one as the primary option.

Changing Devices

If you have the Microsoft Authenticator application installed on your phone and/or tablet and you will be moving to a new device, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Setup Multifactor Authentication action
  2. Remove your current device as an option within the Authenticator app or token section
  3. Install the Microsoft Authenticator application on your new device
  4. Add your new device by selecting Set up Authenticator app within the Multi-Factor Authentication setup page
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