Manually Connect to WPI Wireless Using a Google ChromeBook

Instructions for connecting to the WPI wireless network using a Google ChromeBook if the auto-configuration file was not successful.


  • WPI account in good standing
  • Proper date, time, and timezone set on device
  • An active Google Account that can login to your device
  • You have attempted and failed to use "Connect to WPI Wireless Using a Google Chromebook"
  • Note:

    If this is a brand new or recently "Powerwashed" device, you will not be able to connect to the WPI-Wireless network as a Guest. You may need to do initial provisioning before you login to your device with your Google Account. By connecting to the WPI-Open network, you should have enough Internet access to provision the device and switch to your Google Account.

    This procedure must be followed for each user on a Chromebook ; configuring WPI-Wireless on a Chromebook will enable wireless access per user. Example: configured WPI-Wireless on the Chromebook. When logs into the Chromebook, she will not have access to WPI-Wireless without following this procedure.


  1. Ensure that you are logged into your Chromebook with your Google Account
  2. Connect to the WPI-Open wireless network
  3. Open your web browser to
  4. Accept the WPI Acceptable Use Policy
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions
  6. Note:

    In some cases, CloudPath may not properly detect your device. Please click the "Show all operating systems" and select "Other Operating Systems"

    1. Install the CA Certificate provides you with a PEM, DER and CER formatted certificate. You should need only one of these files.
    2. Install Your Certificate provides you with a P12 formatted certificate strictly for your use. DO NOT SHARE THIS FILE! This file is encrypted with your @WPI.EDU password! If any behavior which is in violation of the WPI Acceptable Use Policy occurs using this certificate, you will be responsible.
    3. Configure Wi-Fi provides you with the information to manually setup your wireless network.
  7. Enter the Chrome OS settings by opening the Chrome Web browser and visiting chrome://settings/certificates
  8. Import CA Certificate from Step 2 into the Authorities tab. In our testing, we have left the Trust check boxes unchecked. Your mileage may vary
  9. Import and Bind to Device Your User Certificate from Step b. The password embedded in the certificate is the same password you used to access CloudPath
  10. In Chrome web browser, navigate to chrome://settings
  11. Click on Add connection and select Wi-Fi Connection from the pop-up menu
  12. When the Join Wi-Fi network dialogue opens, click the Advanced button
  13. Enter these settings:
    • Set the SSID to WPI-Wireless
    • Set the EAP Method to EAP-TLS
    • Leave Phase 2 authentication to Automatic
    • On Server CA certificate, select WPI NetOps CA. Chrome may indicate that this certificate is Untrusted. You may use it regardless
    • On User certificate, select Your Email Address. If the certificate was not properly imported as hardware-backed you will receive an error when connecting to WPI-Wireless
    • On Identity, enter your WPI Email address
  14. Check Save Identity and password then click Connect
  15. Reboot your device

Once all steps have been completed you should be connected to the WPI Wireless network.

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