Prohibited Activities on the WPI Network

This standard outlines activities and behaviors that are explicitly not allowed on the campus network.

There are some things that are explicitly not allowed on the network. They include but are not limited to:

DHCP Servers We do not allow DHCP servers other than the ones we run. We can't have other servers handing out unauthorized addresses, as this will interfere with the proper operation of the network.
IP Masquerading and NAT (Internet Connection Sharing) All addressable network devices connected to the WPI network must have a valid WPI address. IP Masquerading and NAT allow unregistered and unauthorized devices to access the WPI network. For security reasons this is not allowed. Also, misconfigured NAT servers can cause invalid addresses and services to "leak" onto the WPI network and cause connectivity issues.
Routers For the same reasons as above, no routers of any kind whatsoever are allowed on the WPI network.
Hub systems to avoid registering a drop The use of a hub to connect multiple computers in locations where there are unused drops available is not allowed, once again, for security reasons.
Wireless Access points The use of private wireless access points is not allowed at WPI due to interference and connectivity issues.
Commercial activities All traffic on the WPI network must be of a non-commercial nature. The use of WPI facilities for commercial activities or personal profit is strictly prohibited, as it violates our educational charter.
Non-Academic Internet Relay Chat daemons Services of this nature cause a level of unacceptable risk to WPI's academic mission and legitimate services. Students may connect to off-campus IRC servers but may not run one themselves.
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