Secure IT Spring 2019

An Information Security publication for the WPI community from the Chief Information Security Officer


Welcome to Secure IT, a new publication from WPI's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Here you will find news highlights, WPI Information Technology (IT) updates and tips related to keeping devices and data secure.

New IT Security Policy

As we use our mobile devices more and more for things like email (work & personal), banking, web surfing, etc., the cyber criminals are now targeting your mobile devices as a way to steal money or gather sensitive information about you and/or your work place. As a result, WPI has implemented a Mobile Device Management Policy designed to protect you and WPI.

Tip: Avoid Phishing Hooks

There is a new phishing trick out there, so don't get hooked! WPI has seen a significant rise in phishing attempts using names of executives, faculty, and other senior leadership names. The messages lure you, the recipient, to click on a link as a work-related or urgent request for help. IT has applied a subject marker to help you identify potential phishing messages. On the average WPI gets 2-4 of these a week, so don't hesitate to report phishing and please spread the word!

Next Issue

  • Within IT we are testing a new email Warning Banner. More information to come after testing.
  • Next month we will release and discuss our new online Information Security Awareness training video; please stay tuned!
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