Self Service Password Reset

Instructions to define your verification methods and reset your password.
The Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) service will enable you to reset, unlock and change your password independently with the added security of having an extra verification method, like a phone number or passcode. This makes resetting a forgotten password easier, convenient and more secure.


Access to a non-WPI email account and a phone (mobile or office)


Verification Methods

To enable this service, you must first define your verification methods. To Setup Verification Methods:

  1. Open a web browser to:
  2. When prompted, provide your WPI email address and current password
  3. You will need to setup the following verification methods:
    • Authentication Phone: This can be a mobile phone or an office phone. For a mobile phone, choose "Call" or "Text". If using an office phone, choose "Call". (Mobile phone is recommended so you can receive texts and are not dependent on being at your desk to get the verification code.)
    • Authentication Email: Not a WPI Email, but an alternate email address. In most cases, this would be a personal email address.

Self-Service Password Reset

With Verification Methods in place, you will be setup to use Self-Service Password Reset.

Use to reset your password on the web from any device.


The links to setup verification and reset will take you to Microsoft sites.

WPI Info
What is your Affiliation with WPI?

Include details such as which device(s), your location (on or off campus), how long the issue has been ocurring.