SolidWorks 2018 Install Guide

How to install SolidWorks 2018 from WPI network to a Windows 10 personal device


  • WPI username and password


  1. Open Command Prompt
    • Press the Windows + R key together
    • Type cmd
    • Click Enter
  2. Robocopy the SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP4.0 folder onto your computer by executing the following commands:
    • cd \
    • mkdir Solidworks
    • robocopy "\\\software\Solidworks\SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP4.0" Solidworks /E
    Note: The robocopy may take quite some time. You must connect to the VPN if off campus.
  3. Open the newly created Solidworks folder
  4. Run the StartSWInstall HTML Application
  5. Click Install SOLIDWORKS products now
  6. Follow the prompts
  7. The install will complete silently in the background.
  8. Once the installation has completed, a prompt will appear - save your work, and reboot your machine.



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