Standing List Management

To opt out of a standing list, users can unsubscribe. To send email to a standing list, users must accept the AUP.

  1. Click the Action "Manage Standing List"
  2. Enter your WPI account username and password
  3. Scroll to the appropriate list
To Unsubscribe:
  1. Click the "unsubscribe" link in the section stating, "You may unsubscribe from the list."
To send email to the
  1. Click the link "sign the AUP" under the section stating, "You may send mail to the list if you sign the AUP."
  2. Read the list AUP and click the link "Sign the AUP governing email to [list]".
  3. Scroll to the appropriate list. A date stamp has been added showing the date and time you signed the list AUP.
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