Use SharePoint

WPI account holders have access to a variety of collaboration tools through SharePoint sites.


Through Microsoft Office 365 (O365), SharePoint sites are available to all WPI account holders. SharePoint Online enables users to create collaboration spaces for storing, organizing, sharing, and accessing information from any device with a web browser.


  • File Storage - Each site receives up to 25TB of storage quota 
  • Security - All files are protected and backed up daily
  • Content Management - Create workflows, calendars, task lists, etc., and develop your own strategy for managing the content stored on the site
  • File Sharing - Share files with users inside of your organization
  • Mobile Applications - Edit your site and contents of the site from all your devices via any browser


  • Active WPI Account
  • Membership or Ownership of an O365 SharePoint site, Group, or Team

Access SharePoint

Access SharePoint through the O365 App (Beginning May 20, 2019):

  1. Navigate to the WPI Community Portal (see Actions)
  2. Open the waffle icon in the top left corner
  3. Select SharePoint 

A list of SharePoint sites you are Following and that are Suggested will populate.

You can also use the Search field to look for a specific site.

Create a SharePoint Site

Users must request SharePoint sites through IT Services. Send us the following information and ITS can create a SharePoint Site for you:

  • Desired Name 
  • Owner(s) 
  • Members 
  • Business Case
  • Public (everyone in the organization can see the site) OR Private (only Members can see the site)
  • Students: Approval from faculty or staff advisor (required)

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