Mailinglist Management Transition

Mailinglist changes cannot be made during the transition

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As we work to improve IT Services, the Mailinglist Management tool will be replaced with a more modern tool which offers enhanced collaboration capability. We will be migrating to Office 365 (O365) for list management and collaboration. The tool previously used for mailinglist management,, will be retired on July 9, 2018.

List owners were previously notified of this change and requested to make changes by July 6.


July 9 - August 3

  • Active lists will be migrated from the legacy tool to O365. Mailinglists can be used in their current state, but cannot be changed.
  • will be retired.
  • By August 3, mailinglist management will be available through O365 Groups.

July 25 - August 2

Potential for intermittent mailinglist disruption. See Action Needed.

Action Needed

  • Through August 1, continue to send messages via mailinglists, but do not create, update, or delete.
  • August 2-3, senders may receive a bounce and need to resend after the list has been transitioned. Recipients may not receive messages while the list is being transitioned.
  • Beginning August 3, owners and members can access Groups using Office 365 via or Outlook desktop client.


By August 3:

  • Distribution groups will be used for data-generated mailinglists.
  • Groups will be used for other mailinglists containing internal and/or external (non-WPI) recipient addresses.

Timeline & Updates

Mailinglist Groups Completed

All O365 Groups have been created and populated with addresses as of 12:15 PM August 5. IT continues to assess transition issues.

Transition of Groups is still in Progress.

Population of Groups is taking longer than expected. We appreciate your patience as we work with the vendor to accelerate the process. Owners who have an urgent need can contact the Service Desk for assistance.

Mailinglists Moved Successfully

Mailinglists have been successfully moved without disruption. As Groups are being created, there is the potential for emails sent to receive "bounce" or error messages. If this occurs, please try resending the email at a later time August 2 or resend on August 3.

Mailinglists Transition to Office 365

August 2, mailinglists are being upgraded to O365 Groups.

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