Addressing Wi-Fi Vulnerability

WPI Information Security Alert - Actions taken by WPI and actions individuals should take to prepare for 'KRACK attacks' and other wireless networking vulnerabilities

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Wireless networks worldwide are vulnerable to being targeted by 'KRACK attacks,' which, if successfully executed, allow an attacker to eavesdrop on communications. NO USER INTERACTION is required to be attacked.


The WPI wireless network is configured to minimize this risk, and ITS will also test additional software updates in order to provide a more complete fix. ITS-managed WPI computers running a Windows operating system are regularly updated with security patches.

When working off-campus the threat becomes more profound, especially when using Open Wireless, Wireless Hotspots, and Third Party Wireless Systems. (View Related Article for details.)

Action Needed

  1. All WPI employees who work off campus are strongly encouraged to use the WPI VPN service.
  2. Refrain from conducting WPI work using an open wireless network.
  3. Update personal networks and devices. Patching vulnerabilities is critical to preventing hacking attempts.

View Related Article for details about VPN usage, types of wireless networks, and updating devices.

Timeline & Updates

Apple Patches Recently Released to Address KRACK

Apple released updates to patch KRACK, including iOS 11.1, Safari 11.1, new OSX versions, and more. Please apply updates immediately.

Posted: 18 October 2017, 12:00 PM

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16 October 2017

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