Voicemail Initialization

A new voice mailbox in AvayaAura Messageing 6.3.3 requires the owner to set a password and allows the owner to record greetings.

Change voice mailbox password:

  1. Using your campus phone extension, dial x6900. (To use a phone other than your current campus phone extension, press the # key. You will hear, "Login incorrect, please try again," then enter your mailbox number - same as phone extension).
  2. Enter the temporary password provided to you. If you have not received the temporary password, contact the ITS Service Desk.
  3. Create a new password. Passwords for mailboxes can be between 4 and 10 digits.
    • Password cannot be consecutive or all the same digits, i.e. 1234, 1111.
    • Password cannot be the same as the extension.

Record greeting:

  1. Using your campus phone extension, dial x6900.
  2. Enter your password, then press #.
  3. Press 8 - 2 for the Personal Greetings Options, then follow the prompts to record:
    • Personal Greeting - outgoing message heard when a caller reaches your voice mailbox
    • Personal Verification - your name, heard when a caller accesses the campus directory
    Note: If you don't record greetings, you will have the default personal greeting of "NAME is not available. Record your message after the tone..." and the default system pronunciation of your name.
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