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Title Version Publisher OS
Google Earth 7.3 Google Incorporated Windows
Skype for Business 2016 16.0.4266.1001 Microsoft Corporation Windows macOS
Internet Explorer 11 11.0.9600.16428 Microsoft Corporation Windows
DecisionTools Suite 7.5.01146.0 Palisade Windows
Acrobat Pro DC 19.0 Adobe Systems Incorporated Windows macOS
Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 Adobe Systems Incorporated Windows macOS
Bloomberg Professional 2016.811.0.0 Bloomberg Finance L.P. Windows
Microsoft Project 2016 16.0.4266.1001 Microsoft Corporation Windows
Microsoft Visio 2016 16.0.4266.1001 Microsoft Corporation Windows
Polymath EDU 6.2 Polymath Software Windows
SAS SAS Institute Incorporated Windows
Snagit 19.1.4 TechSmith Corporation Windows
7-Zip Igor Pavlov Windows
Google Chrome 59.0.3071.115 Google Incorporated Windows macOS Linux
AFMCourse 1.0.0 NAB Windows
Git 2.22 Git Development Community Windows macOS Linux
Ghostscript 9.27 Artifex Software Incorportated Windows Linux
Mathcad 15 PTC Windows
MiKTeX 2.9 2.9.69 Windows macOS Linux
Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.0.10 Oracle Corporation Windows macOS Linux
Pulse Secure 9.0r4 Pulse Secure Limited Windows macOS Linux iOS Android
R for Windows 3.6.1 R Foundation Windows
TeXnicCenter 2.02 The TeXnicCenter Team Windows
Traps Palo Alto Networks Incorporated Windows
VLC Media Player 2.2.6 VideoLAN Windows macOS Linux iOS Android
Weka 3.9.1 Machine Learning Group Windows macOS Linux
WinSCP 5.13 Martin Prikryl Windows
Skype 7.27.101 Skype Technologies Windows macOS
Cherwell Service Management 9.1.1 Cherwell Software Limited Windows
Cherwell Administrator 9.1.1 Cherwell Software Limited Windows
Working Model 9 Design Simulation Technologies Incorporated Windows
Android Studio 3.4.2 Google Developers Windows
Arduino IDE 1.8.9 Arduino Windows macOS Linux
DrJava 20160913-225446 JavaPLT Group Windows macOS Linux
Blender 2.79b Blender Foundation Windows macOS Linux
PyCharm IDE 2019.1.3 JetBrains Windows macOS Linux
RStudio 1.2.1335 RStudio Windows
X-Win32 2018 10 StarNet Communications Corporation Windows
AMTI NetForce with BioAnalysis Advanced Mechanical Technology Incorportated Windows
Altium Designer 15 18 Altium Limited Windows
SigmaPlot 14 Systat Software Incorporated Windows
SPSS Amos 25 25.0.0 IBM Corporation Windows
SPSS Statistics 25 IBM Corporation Windows macOS
Abaqus 2018 Dassault Systems Windows Linux
Ansys 20.1 Ansys Incorporated Windows Linux
BioPython 1.72 Python Windows macOS Linux
Cadence PSpice 17.2 Cadence Design Systems Incorporated Windows
CES Edupack 2019 2019 Granta Material Inspirations
Comsol Multiphysics 5.3a Comsol Windows macOS Linux
DIALux evo 8 DIALux Windows
Gephi 0.9.2 Gephi Windows macOS Linux
GIMP 2.10.12 GIMP Windows macOS Linux
HEC HMS 4.3 Hydraulic Engineering Center Windows
HEC RAS 5.0.7 Hydraulic Engineering Center Windows
HEC SSP 2.1.1 Hydraulic Engineering Center Windows
NI Multisim 14 14.0.1 National Instruments Windows
Linkages Norton Associates Limited Windows
Logger Pro 3.15 Vernier Windows macOS
Mendix Modeler 7.22 Windows
TurningPoint 8.7.2 Turning Technologies Windows
Solstice Client 3 Mersive Technologies Windows macOS Android
Rockwell Arena 16 Rockwell Automation, Inc Windows
Anaconda 3.7 Anaconda Inc. Windows macOS Linux
Visual Paradigm 14.2 Visual Paradigm International Limited Windows macOS
Zoom 4.4.55389 Zoom Windows macOS Linux iOS Android
Algodoo 2.1.0 Algoryx Simulation AB Windows macOS
Grabber3 3.2.0 Dynamixyz Windows
HCS 2010 2010 Center for Microcomputers in Transportation Windows
KiCAD 5 5.1.2_2 KiCAD Windows macOS Linux
RISA-3D 17 RISA Tech Windows
SFML 2.5.1 SFML Windows macOS Linux
Substance Designer 2019.1.2 Allegorithmic Windows macOS Linux
Substance Painter 2019.2.0 Allegorithmic Windows macOS Linux
Unreal Engine 4 Editor 10.3.1 Epic Games Windows macOS Linux iOS Android
OBS Studio 23.1 OBS Studio Contributors Windows macOS Linux
Inkscape 0.92.4 Inkscape Windows macOS Linux
OpenShot 2.4.4 OpenShot Studios, LLC Windows macOS Linux
On-Screen Takeoff On Center Windows
SketchUp Professional 2019 Trimble Windows
LogixPro 500 The Learning Pit Windows
Doxygen 1.18.15 Dimitri van Heesch Windows macOS Linux
GraphViz 2.38 GraphViz Contributors Windows macOS Linux
Maple 2017 Maplesoft Windows macOS Linux
GraphPad Prism 8 GraphPad Software
ChemOffice 18.1 PerkinElmer Incorporated Windows macOS
Oxygen XML Editor 21.1 SyncRO Soft SRL Windows macOS Linux
IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1 JetBrains
Audacity 2.3.2 Audacity
Bowler Studio 32.7 Common Wealth Robotics
DrRacket 7.3 The PLT Group
Firefox 69.01 Mozilla
3ds Max 2020 Autodesk Incorporated
ArcGIS 10.7 ESRI Incorporated
AutoCAD 2019 Autodesk Incorporated
Substance Bitmap2Material 3.1.4 Allegorithmic
Camtasia Studio 2019 TechSmith
Civil 3D 2019 Autodesk Incorporated
Echo360 Capture Software 5.5.635658453 Echo360
Adobe Bridge 9.1 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe After Effects 16.1.2 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Animate and Mobile Device Packaging 19.2.1 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Audition 12.1.2 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Dreamweaver 19.2 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Illustrator 23.0.3 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe InCopy 14.0.2 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe InDesign 14.0.2 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Lightroom 2.3 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Media Encoder 13.1.3 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Photoshop 20.0.5 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Premiere Pro 13.1.4 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Prelude 8.1.1 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Mathematica 12 Wolfram Research Incorporated
Matlab 2019a The MathWorks Incorporated
Marvelous Designer 8 4.2.295 Marvelous Designer
KeyShot 8.2 Luxion
LabVIEW 2018 National Instruments
Max 8.0.6 Cycling '74
Maya 2019 Autodesk Incorporated
MinGW 0.6.3 MinGW
MotionBuilder 2019 Autodesk Incorporated
Navisworks Manage 2019 Autodesk Incorporated
Navisworks Simulate 2019 Autodesk Incorporated
PDF Annotator 7.1.0 GRAHL Software
Poll Everywhere Plug-In 2.10.1 Poll Everywhere
PuTTY 0.72 Simon Tatham
Python 2 2.7.16 Python Software Foundation
Python 3 3.7.4 Python Software Foundation
Reaper 5.978 Reaper
ReCap Pro 2019 Autodesk Incorporated
Revit 2019 Autodesk Incorporated
Robot Structural Analysis 2019 Autodesk Incorporated
Robot Studio 2019.2 ASEA Brown Boveri
ESPRIT 19.19.191 DP Technology Corporation Windows
Solidworks 2019 SP3 Dassault Systems SolidWorks Corporation
Adobe Character Animator 2.1.1 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Lightroom Classic 8.3.1 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Premiere Rush 1.2 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe XD 21.2.12 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Coq 8.9.1 Coq Development Team
Advanced Design System 2020 Keysight Technologies
Cura Lulzbot 3.6.15 Cura
Design Builder 6.1.2 Design Builder Software Ltd
HEC DSSVue 2.0.1 Hydraulic Engineering Center
HydraCALC 50.54 Hydratec
NVivo 12.5 QSR International
OpenRefine 3.1 Open Source
PROS Editor 3.1.4
RenPy 7.3.2
Robot Mesh Studio 2.0.3
Code Composer Studio 9.0.1 Texas Instruments
Creo 6 Parametic Technology Corporation
Unity 2019.1.12f1 Unity Technologies
Visual Studio Community 2019 Microsoft Corporation
WebStorm 2019.1.3 JetBrains
ZBrush 2019.1.2 Pixologic
Performer 2 2.7.1 Dynamixyz
Eclipse CDT 9.8 Eclipse Foundation Incorporated
Vivado Design Suite 2019.1 Xilinx Incorporated
Wwise 2019.1 Audiokinetic
xNormal 3.19.3 xNormal
VEX Coding Studio 1 Vex Robotics
Trader Workstation (TWS) 972.1t Interactive Brokers
ArcGIS Online Online ESRI Incorporated
O365 Teams 1.2 Microsoft Windows macOS Android
OneDrive 19 Microsoft Windows macOS Linux